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July 5, 2016 - Fire Mitigation in Common Area

Fire Mitigation Work in Two Common Areas This Summer!

Where? In common area along lower Oak Valley Drive and in drainage of the common area along upper Timberline Drive.

What’s Being Done? The focus is on clearing dense fuels around larger ponderosa pines, removing highly flammable junipers in the bottom of the drainage, and separating remaining clumps of larger oaks. This will be a “light” treatment intended to maintain the visual character while protecting some of our beautiful ponderosa pines. The cutting of trees, limbs, and brush will be done using powered hand tools; no motorized vehicles or heavy equipment will be driving into the common areas. A winch, chipper, and dump truck will be used at the edge of each road.

Who’s Doing the Work? We are still negotiating the final contract, but we’ve received bids from three highly-qualified fire mitigation companies, two of which have completed multiple jobs within Timberline for individual homeowners.

Who’s Paying for This Work? Timberline received up to $5000 from Firewise of Southwest Colorado; we will be required to match 50:50, but in-kind services count, so we can take credit for brush-clearing and project planning work already done. The HOA budget presented at the January 2016 Annual Meeting and approved early this year includes $4000 for fire mitigation. Initial bids look like the total cost will be way below $10,000.

When Will the Work Start and How Long Will it Last? The Starting date is still being negotiated, but work won’t begin before June 30. All work must be completed by August 15, but the actual work in both areas will only span about six days.


Where Do I Go for More Information? You can review the Request for Proposals below. Mark Stiles, Board Treasurer and Timberline Firewise Ambassador (stilesmb@charter.net), will be contacting homeowners adjacent to where the work will be performed to explain the details and arrange a meeting with the successful bidder to share needs and concerns.


Request for Proposals

Project: Timberline View Estates Common Area Hazardous Fuels Reduction, Timberline View Estates Subdivision off of CR 240, immediately northeast of Durango city limits.

Project Description: Remove hazardous fuels presenting substantial threat of ignition to medium and large-diameter ponderosa pines within two subdivision common areas. Also remove hazardous fuels identified as posing substantial risk to adjacent property and homes due to type of fuel, location of fuel, and terrain factors that would facilitate rapid spread of fire.

Project Contact Information:

Mark Stiles, Firewise Ambassador and HOA Board member

108 Oak Valley Dr.

Durango, CO 81301



On site tours: Can be arranged by contacting Mark Stiles. Both areas are easily accessible from paved neighborhood roads. Please allow one hour for a site tour.

Proposal due date: June 21, 2016, 5:00 PM.

HOA Board action on proposals: June 23, 2016

Work Period: June 30-August 15, 2016, work to be compressed into a 10-day timeframe within this period.

Detailed Project Description: The Timberline View Estates HOA is seeking an experienced, qualified, reputable contractor to selectively remove hazardous fuels within portions of two common areas. The total acreage of the two common areas is approximately 3 acres, but fuels reduction activities will be limited to specified portions of these two areas. Actual cutting and removal of hazardous fuels will occur on less than two acres total.

The objective of the project is to remove hazardous fuels that present a direct risk of fire reaching the crowns of mid and large-diameter ponderosa pines, and to reduce built up fuels near the juncture of two steep drainages that rise toward homes. Fuels reduction will include:

1.      The removal of ladder fuels (primarily Gambel oak) and limbing of ponderosa pine to achieve a ladder fuel separation of at least ten feet.

2.      The removal of up to 12 small to mid-diameter ponderosa pines to provide for crown separation of approximately 10 feet (note that several intertwined crowns will remain, but they will in turn be separated from adjacent crowns). Specific ponderosa pines to be removed will be marked by the Project Contact prior to commencement of work.

3.      The removal of approximately 5 Rocky Mountain Juniper, DBH about 10 inches. Specific junipers to be removed will be marked by the Project Contact prior to commencement of work.

4.      The thinning of specified stands of Gambel oak to remove dead material and reduce density of stand while maintaining clumps of oaks not more than 15 feet in diameter and not less than 10 feet from overhanging ponderosa pines. About four stands of oak have been identified for thinning, in addition to general thinning around ponderosa pine.

5.      The removal of dead and down material greater than 5 inches in diameter at approximate breast height whether standing or down.

6.      All material less than 5 inches in diameter will be removed from site to be disposed of by bidder. Chips will not be left on site. Material greater than 5 inches in diameter, including Ponderosa pine, large diameter oak, and juniper, will be cut to stove length (14-18 inches) and stacked or piled off of pavement along neighborhood roads adjacent to work site for HOA member use.

7.      Stumps left after cutting of pine, juniper, and oak will be 6 inches or less above ground and cut bluntly and/or parallel to the ground.

Limitations on the successful bidder include:

1.      The successful bidder must provide three day notice of the intent to begin operations. Notice shall be made to the Project Contact.

2.      All work must be completed within a 14-day period.

3.      The successful bidder must meet with interested homeowners to hear their concerns for visual screening prior to beginning the removal of vegetation. The Project Contact will facilitate this meeting(s), making initial homeowner contacts and arranging for a brief meeting with the successful bidder.

4.      All chips and other vegetative material will be swept from road surfaces immediately following completion of collection and/or chipping.

5.      No burning of vegetative material will be allowed within Timberline View Estates.

6.      No heavy equipment will be allowed in common areas more than 10 feet off of paved surfaces. Powered equipment such as winches or skidders kept within 12 feet of the paved surfaces may be used to retrieve material from the worksite.

7.      Work will be limited to the daytime hours, 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

8.      No roads will be blocked for more than a five-minute period.

9.      The successful bidder will be responsible for any damages to pavement and road drainage systems.

How to submit Proposals: Proposals can be submitted via mail or email to the Project Contact. Proposals must be divided for each of the two treatment areas. For each of the two treatment areas, a list of proposed actions must be provided, summarizing tree removal, limbing, and thinning actions. Proposals must also include a brief summary of equipment, staffing, timeframes, and price proposed for each treatment area. Proposals must also include descriptions of the two most recent projects of similar scope and scale performed by the submitter, and contact information for the employing entity.

Proposal and Bid Review: Award of this contract will be based on the HOA Board’s determination of best value to the HOA as indicated by the quality of the proposals and bid amount. The HOA Board will consider both price and non-price factors in determining the best value. Non-price factors include proposed methodology and timeframe, past work experience, evidence of insurance, and how the contractor can be expected to work with adjacent homeowners. The HOA Board may choose to expand or reduce the extent of the project based on bid amounts. Expansion or reduction of the project will be negotiated with the bidder. The Board reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to modify the terms of the Request either before or after the deadline for submission, to negotiate with one or more of the bidders, and to call for additional proposals. 

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