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Minutes - February 25, 2014

Notes from Architectural Review Committee MeetingWith Some HOA Board members Bruce Moss, Hal Felty, Mark StilesTuesday, February 25, 2014, 10-11 am Attendees: Doran, Thomas, Strength, Brown, Moss, Felty, Stiles Absent: Valerie Gallagher The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the subdivision roads and easements with thepurpose of making sure that homeowners understand when they apply to the ARC to do aproject, that it is their responsibility to know the covenants, where the boundaries of theirproperty are, and where the easements are (basically around each property line and alongevery road. Generally speaking, there are easements entirely around each lot, along theroads and easements for City Water Tank and water pipeline under our subdivision. It is the responsibility of the ARC to remind homeowners of the covenants and theeasements; but it is the homeowner’s responsibility to know and comply with them. Asfor easements, homeowners may ‘enjoy’ the use of the easement; however, they cannotinterfere with any existing or future use of the easement. If they build in or landscape aneasement, any damage that results, for example, from snowplowing, is the responsibilityof the homeowner, not the HOA. Hal showed an excellent aerial map of the subdivision with road easements outlined inyellow. He agreed to supply the electronic form of this map to Bruce to put on the HOAwebsite. It is obvious from the map that landscaping (intentional or otherwise) hasoccurred in the road easement in many places. It is also obvious that the pavement is notalways in the center of the easement. It was also duly noted that some homeownerscannot determine where the true corners of their lots are due to disturbance of corners orto inadequate surveying equipment used at the time of platting the subdivision. Drainage issues: The HOA is responsible for drainage issues/culverts in the roadeasements, whether they go under a road or parallel to the road in the easement. Theboard plans a project this season to clean out these culverts. We agreed that if the ARCreceives a request for paving a driveway, the ARC will inform the homeowner of theirresponsibility for putting an appropriate sized culvert under the driveway if the drivewaycould interfere with subdivision drainage system in the easement. [The ARC may seekhelp from the board on this issue.] The ARC is not responsible for knowing the correctsize of culvert or related engineering issues. The ARC agreed to develop standard language regarding covenants, property boundaries,and easements to supply, in addition to a link to the map on the website, to eachhomeowner making a request of the ARC. Fire mitigation: We touched on the new ARC process for approving fire mitigationrequests on individual properties. The board confirmed that any requests to cross thecommon areas with heavy equipment for any reason is a board decision and theserequests will be decided on a case-by-case basis. The next board meeting agenda willhave an item to develop the criteria that will be used to make these case-by-casedecisions. [All board members and all ARC members are urged to be alert for neighborhoodactivities which require ARC or board approval and make them known to the ARC chairor the board president.] Marilyn BrownARC ChairHOA BoardTimberline View Estates970-946-65232/25/14

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