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Minutes - June 2016

ARC update report June 2016

      Current project update

1)    73 Eagles Nest Court Landscaping in progress

2)    24 Eagle Ridge Court major remodel, outside materials and design approved by ARC this winter

3)    296 Highland Hill major construction finishing and landscaping in progress

4)    162 Timberline awaiting driveway design for paving including drainage and road hazard evaluation to prevent blind curve exit.

5)    Several inquiries about fencing have been made with the HOA guidelines apparently being somewhat hazy. Bruce offered these guidelines for clarification:

a)    Fences Ok in back of house if not seen from road

b)    Split rail with mesh preferred

c)     No 6’ wood or solid fences

d)    Fences for the purpose of keeping pets confined to yard are permitted

e)    All fences must be approved by ARC and may not as per previous covenants be used to divide properties at road or property lines.


·       Current For Sales


1)    239 Oak Ridge Place 2,916 Sq. Ft offered at $649,900 on market 250+ days

2)    67 Oak Valley Drive Lot 0.41 Acres offered at $182,500 on market 230+ days

3)    Lot no address noted on Highland Hill Drive For sale by owner, no information

4)    25 Highland Hill Drive 3,333 sq. ft. offered at $649,900reduced $40,000 on market 55+ days

5)    209 Highland Hill Drive 4,774 Sq. ft. listing removed, ask of $899,000

6)    295 Timberline Dr 3,778 sq. ft. pre foreclosure auction, pending sale estimate $666,451

7)    70 Whispering Pines condo 1838 Sq. Ft offered at $399,000 40+ days on market

8)    205 Oak Ridge Place 5,624 Sq. ft. offered at $1,195,000 offered on and off for years

9)    17 Eagles Nest Ct, 2877 Sq ft., offered at $599,900 , 270+ days


·       HOA Application form for Exterior Alteration.  ARC requests that the form be provided to the homeowners on the web page for homeowners review and convenience of requests. Completed form to be presented to ARC for approval and forwarded to board upon completion.


·       Dead trees hazard- there is a die off of Aspens in Timberline Estates of unknown etiology. There are a myriad of diseases of Aspen, fungus, viruses, insects, cankers, deer injuries, tree decay, aging problems and leaf diseases. Aspen have very shallow root systems and when dead, trunk rot is fairly rapid with significant fall hazard from winds. The ARC recommends that all dead trees be removed as expeditiously as possible to avoid property and personal injuries especially with those trees close to public access. In addition the removal of diseased trees may be especially important to prevent spread to surrounding area trees. Please notify all homeowners of this problem.

·       Fire hazard regarding HOA common area trees. Insurance companies are demanding that trees limbs be removed to 10 feet above ground to help with fire control.
The ARC asks the HOA to consider doing this especially along roadways.

·       The common area is grossly overgrown with weeds especially along the roadways and the ARC requests that the HOA increase the maintenance of landscaping in public areas.

·       Several homeowners have deferred yard maintenance and a list was given to Bruce to notify the offending homeowners.


Respectfully submitted,

Susan Klinefelter

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