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Minutes - March 6, 2017

Timberline View Estates
Architecture Review Committee
Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2017


The following ARC members were in attendance physically or via phone: Petra Hinke, Susan Klinefelter and Kristin Thomas.  Mark Stiles was also in attendance.  Quorum established.


11:05 ARC

·       Timberline roads are the HOA’s biggest responsibility and any new construction by homeowners that could impact or damage the road must be addressed with the ARC during the application process.

·       Culverts are owner responsibility and must be correct size.  Culvert plans must be submitted to ARC.

·       Dumpsters should be placed on owner’s property, not on road,  to avoid damage to Timberline roads.

·       Add a cover sheet to Timberline Exterior Alteration Application to explain ARC’s role and owner confirmation that Articles of VI and VII of the Timberline HOA Covenants and Restrictions have been reviewed and followed.

·       Reviewed Article VI Section 6.  Discussed that wildlife migration pathways should always be considered.  Wildlife management resources recommend fencing be no higher than 42” to allow wildlife to migrate.

·       Petra Hinke to create “Welcome” Package for new owners.



Discussed current projects in Timberline. 


·       Kristin Thomas to follow up about 162 Timberline driveway and culvert plans, schedule and asphalt repair.

·       Kristin Thomas to clarify 67 Oak Valley fence request.  Discussion to include wildlife migration.  Will also request that waste dumpster be placed on an area of property that does not damage HOA road.


12:10 Meeting Adjourned


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