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Minutes - November 14, 2015

Timberline View EstatesArchitectural Review Committee Meeting11/14/13, 9:30 am  MINUTES Attendees: Leslie Doran, Valerie Gallagher, Kristen Thomas, Marilyn Brown, chairAbsent: Malaika Mestas The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) met to discuss fire mitigation and relateditems. The ARC feels that it should not be responsible for approving fire mitigation plans. We believe the covenants do not require it (Article VII, Section 13) and we feel we do not have the expertise, that our processes, in particular, the fact that we are allowed 30 days to approve, do not lend themselves to responding to fire mitigation requests, and we do not have the expertise to evaluate mitigation plans and there are others in the subdivision who do.  Finally, the boundaries of the common areas and between neighbors are not well marked, and we cannot be responsible for confirming that a homeowner is confining his mitigation to his own property. We believe a separate position on the HOA board should be filled with a person who isknowledgeable and has credibility to evaluate fire mitigation plans. A process should be developed during our current Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) development, if not before, for approval of fire mitigation plans which does not deter homeowners from conducting fire mitigation on their property*. Up to this point homeowners do not realize that they are supposed to ask about other than removal of large trees. They typically have not prepared mitigation plans that could be approved ahead of time; they have relied on their contractor of choice to plan and conduct the mitigation during the same visit and often are not home when the work is being done. We recognize that the covenants require us to be elected to our one-year terms and that we are accountable directly to the homeowners; however, we want to work cooperatively with the HOA board, especially since we are charged with assisting the HOA board in enforcing Sections VI and VII (Article V., Section 2). In the context of fire mitigation, we believe that when a homeowner request for landscaping has fire mitigation components, we would work closely with the designated board member and, conversely, we would expect that when a fire mitigation request has landscaping aspects, that boardmember would involve us. This entire issue may best be left to the CWPP process to be resolved and endorsed by the homeowners.We also do not believe that the ARC chair should take up one of the five positions on the HOA board. It may make sense in the interest of communication and cooperation for the ARC chair to attend board meetings or to be an ex officio member but we believe the five board positions should be devoted to other HOA business. If the ARC chair continues to 

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