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Minutes - October 2016

ARC meeting Minutes 10/14/2016

1)  Construction projects:

a)    24 Eagle Ridge: in progress

b)    87 Timberline addition: approved, not started yet

c)    162 Timberline: driveway supposed to be started in September. Concrete entry cracking and road beginning to be undermined by water flow

(Refer to photos of road wash out)

Committee recommends HOA install cobble to slow washout as a temporary emergent solution unless board  has another idea.

2)   Previous  HOA issues:

a)     368 Highland Hill, paint severely in need of attention Mark Stiles discussed with homeowner, told that house may be put on market or repainted, no progress in either direction noted

b)    Dead Aspens

i)      Trees removed on Highland Hill property and on Eagle Ridge, dead tree still standing near roadway at 393 Timberline -

Virus infecting Aspens according to Woodchuck tree service and expect more tree loss

c)     Signage

i)      Purpose: emergency identification for Fire and Rescue vehicles, mail and postal deliveries

ii)    Location on homes depends on unique character of individual hom e but must be visible from street

iii)      Cost of signs

Terry at Durango Building Dept., 211Rockpoint Rd 970-382-6279, states signs are free to individuals. However, due to high number of homes in TB he would need to charge bulk fee of around $12.50-

$15 per sign if order placed by HOA.

iv)      Code requirements are:

o     Any building permit approval request requires a visible address on the property as seen from the road

o     N umbers on mailboxes in front of home qualify

o     N umbers must be 3-3 Y2 inches in height or larger and be visible at  night

o     There are no stakes available at the Building department but stakes are allowable as signposts.

o     There is only one color available and that is blue.

v)     Snow coverage of signage if near street vs.     I identification if signs on houses far down driveways may be a problem either way

                                    d)    HOA common space weed control for  2017

i)      Recommend new vendor as 2016 unsatisfactory

3)   New issues

                                   a)     Trailer in driveway 393 timberline for over 2 months

b)     Fence repair or removal suggested at 70 Highland Place

c)    ARC wonders if committee is supposed to deal with property issues or not? (e.g.trees, trash, trailers, weeds, fences)

4)   New Chairperson for ARC will be Stephanie Strength

5)   Welcome packages for new homeowners suggested to include trash and internet providers, HOA meeting schedules and annual meeting reminder, contact persons and web page information, ARC guidelines.

6)   ARC asks that Marsha compile a new homeowner list before the annual meeting, as there are 4-6 new homeowners already and a few more homes closing soon. Please be aware of listing deceased homeowners in the THAI roster

7)   ARC suggests that homeowner names and possibly addresses not be noted in the minutes as they are public record and appear on Google searches.


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