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Minutes - September 9, 2015

Minutes of Timberline Architectural Review Committee - September 9, 2015

The following committee members attended in  person:  Uwe Fricker, Susan Klinefel ter, Katie Sturm and Kristin Thomas


-ARC committee members are voted in by Board

- Timberline HOA Board has final decision, ARC only recommends based on Timberline Covenants

-ARC can hold meetings without HOA Board


Guidelines for ARC Approval

All residents to submit Exterior Application Form to a member of the ARC or ARC chairperson. Form will be available on Timberline website. Preferred response method is via email.

See attached Exterior Application Form

ARC needs  reasonable  amount of time  depending on scope of project to  review and approve specific requests. Extensions, new buildi ngs, etc. require more  time  as a minimum  of  3 votes by committee members  is needed .

ARC members must respond within a week

ARC members can vote by proxy if unavailable

Follow up on project completion as specified in Exterior Application Form will be signed off by ARC chairperson or committee member



ARC is to monitor new exterior changes to Timberline properties as well as dumpster sites for interior projects.  Not to monitor parking  violations.


                             Complaint/Grievance Process

                                      Discussion should be first had with ARC chairperson followed by the Timberline Board as outlined in Timberline Covenants,                                                 Article IX and Article V, Section 2


                             Welcome Package

                                    A letter from HOA president as introduction to Timberline with information like garbage collection day, approximate mail times along                                     with HOA board members and ARC members names and numbers.


                              Annual Neighborhood Street Party

                                       Group discussed this may be a good way to have better relations as a neighborhood










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