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January 28, 2016 - ANNUAL MEETING

Timberline View Estates

January 28th, 2016 – Annual Homeowners Meeting – 7:00pm

Durango Recreation Center, Windom Room

1.    Welcome Homeowners and request all homeowners please sign in for the meeting:

2.    Determination of a quorum as of July 11th 2011 revision to the Bylaws:

A quorum is deemed present throughout any meeting of the Association if Members entitled to cast twenty percent of the votes of the total membership are present, in person or by proxy at the beginning of the meeting – Therefore the required number to be present or represented by proxy is (18)

§  # of Homeowners in attendance:­­­                              16

§  # of Proxies turned in prior to at meeting:                   9

§  Total Number Represented:                                      25

§  Does a quorum exist?      Yes


3.    Do we have any Homeowners that will not have voting rights for this meeting due to not being current with their dues?  Present / By proxy

4.    Review Roberts Rules of Order:  Approval of Minutes of last year’s Annual Mtg.,  2-12-2015 

A motion was made, moved and passed approving the 2-12-15 Annual Meeting minutes.  

5.    Report of the Officers:


a.      President Report: Bruce Moss

1.      This past year was much easier than previous years as far as violations with campers, boats & trailers being parked for more than (7) days.  Thank You!

Ron Cornelius objected to the statement that there were less incidents of violations.  Bruce Moss, President, stated that all violations are addressed and action taken when needed.  Hal Felty commented that parking issues have been dealt with in the neighborhood and that the Board feels the best approach is to ‘talk’ with neighbors about concerns. 

A motion was made, moved and passed to move on with the meeting.

2.      Chipping service will continue twice a year in 2016 – We have scheduled the service for May 23rd , 2016 and October 17th, 2016.  Please do not put anything curbside once the chipping service has completed the work.  Homeowners may be asked to pay for the chipping service to come back and remove debris if left curbside after work is completed.

3.      Annual Meeting Date Discussion – Some homeowners in attendance wanted to know WHY the Annual Meeting date was set to conflict with Snowdown.  Bruce stated the date is set in the By-Laws of the Association for the last Thursday in January.  Perhaps the Board would consider the last Monday or Tuesday of the last week in January.  Bruce will check with the Attorney at the lowest possible cost to see if that is a possibility.


b.       Vice Presidents Report: Hal Felty

1.      Road Projects  - Updates

2.      Culvert Work – small amount of work done after the big rains this past summer.

3.      Highland Hill Dr. – No change in the settling, however the Board may need to address the issue this summer.

4.      Annex Timberline Estates in the City:  Hal met w/Greg Hoch of the City of Durango.  There would need to be GIS work done, Land Use Study and a Petition signed by the majority of the Homeowners in favor of Annexation.  A Plan for Services (trash, police patrols, etc) would need to be negotiated.  The Board will continue to research the possibility but right now there are no real benefits for the City to Annex.  The steepness/grade of the roads are an issue for the City.

The Board asked for a motion on those present who are in Favor of Annexation and that number was 12 while those opposed were 4.


c.       Treasures Report:  Mark Stiles

1.      Review the Associations 2015 Financials:  Snow removal came in at $6,000 less than budgeted.

Brush Chipping was over budget but a rebate was received in the amount of $1500 from the CWPP.  The Association added $12,000 to the Road Reserve for 2015.  Legal expenses were over by $1,000.

2.      Review the 2016 Timberline Estates Association Operating Budget:  The Board is budgeting a little less for chipping and the same for weeds and snow removal.  The Board plans to add $6500 to the Road Reserve at the end of 2016.

3.      Review the Capital Reserve Account for the Timberline Estates HOA .  The Board is revisiting the Long Term Plan for resurfacing the roads.  They are considering all payment considerations for loans and want to avoid doing special assessments.   The plan is to pay for the first ½ of the work out of the reserve and then possibly finance the last ½.  It is a  20 year Plan.  Discussion followed on raising the HOA dues from $560/yr. to $822/yr. for the next 10 years.  The Board will have more discussion on options in upcoming meetings.


d.      Architectural Report: Uwe Fricker - Chairperson

1.      Overview of requests from homeowners in 2015.  Uwe Fricker stated that there were 11 requests for remodels in 2015.  They are working on making sure all houses have reflective numbers for emergency response situations.  The ARC wants to have a ‘Welcome Letter’ for all new homeowners in the subdivision giving pertinent information for Board members names & numbers, the ARC, web site address, etc.  There was discussion on having a neighborhood party or picnic for 2016.  There followed a brief discussion on the use of solar panels in Timberline.

·     Vote on the slate for the ARC for 2016:  Uwe Fricker - Chairperson

·     Stephanie Strength

·     Valerie Gallagher

·     Kristen Thomas

·     Katie Sturm  (Said she would be happy to decline the nomination if someone else wants to serve on ARC)

Nominations from the floor were:  Ron Cornelius and Sue Klinefelter.   The vote for the ARC Committee was as follows:  Uwe Fricker, Stephanie Strength, Valerie Gallagher, Kristen Thomas and Sue Klinefelter.  There was one vote opposing Sue Klinefelter (Ron Cornelius) and a unanimous vote opposing Ron Cornelius for the ARC.


    6.   Updates on Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP): Mark Stiles  - There was discussion on ‘open fires/pits’ in the   subdivision.         They are absolutely NOT allowed.  Mark briefed those present on the common areas that need some mitigation attention.  The idea is to reduce the ‘fuels’ that feed a spark/fire when it takes off.


7.   We have had a lot of Real Estate transactions for the subdivision in 2015 – Kim Coffman, Realtor,  gave an overview of activity for the year in the subdivision.  The average is $200/sq. ft..  There were 8 houses that sold in 2015 as compared to 4 in 2014.  Houses are averaging 3-6 months on the market with an average median price of $500,000.


8.   Review / Vote on the Slate for the Timberline Estates HOA Board of Directors for 2016:

  Do we have any other nominations from the floor or interested homeowners which have expressed interest in      running for a boards position, other than what has been presented at this annual meeting?  There was only one response received and that was from Mark Stiles.  A motion was made, moved and passed with one objection by Ron Cornelius on the following slate of Directors.  Positions will be decided at the next quarterly meeting of the Board in February.

·   President, Bruce Moss

·   Vice President, Hal Felty

·   Treasurer, Mark Stiles

·   Secretary, Catherine Gervais

·   ARC Chair, Uwe Fricker


7. Adjourned meeting at 8:56 PM.



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