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June 25, 2015



The Board of Directors of the Timberline HOA, Inc. held their third quarterly meeting of the Board on June 25, 2015 at 11:00 AM, at 2007 Main Ave., Suite in Durango, Colorado.  Board members present were:                                           

Bruce Moss– President

Hal Felty – Vice President

Mark Stiles - Treasurer

Catherine Gervais – Secretary

Uwe Fricker – Chairman of ARC

Also attending the meeting was Bryan Duff, Mary Chandler, Bob Konradi and Ron Cornelius – Homeowners and Marsha Moreland - Executive Secretary.  The meeting was called to order at 11:00 AM by the President.


A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the March 31, 2015 regular meeting as written.

A motion was made to formally approve Uwe Fricker as the ARC Chairman. 

There followed a brief discussion on the appointment procedures which are defined in the By-Laws, pg. 7, when there are vacancies on the Board.



a.       Road maintenance – (a) Additional drainage work was approved at the last meeting.  Two bids received were received with Dirt Bandits being the lowest for sweeping and crack filling at $4,600.

A motion was made, moved and passed to accept the bid from Dirt Bandits for $4,600.  (b) To have the baskets of rip rap placed at Fischer’s lot, to deflect the drainage issues discussed at the March 31st meeting, was $1,800. (c)  There followed a brief discussion on road paving and how at the current pace of spending there is still 5-6½ years before $140,000 will be reached in the road reserve.  Hal will get a current ‘ball park’ figure to re-do the roads for the next meeting.

b.       CWPP Updates(a) Marsha will update the web site relative to the CWPP information and place Mark Stiles as the contact person for the CWPP.  (b) The Board discussed the process for common area mitigation requests.  (c) House numbering in the subdivision is now under the guidance of the ARC Committee.  It is addressed as a part of the CWPP.  (d)  Songbird Subdivision voted to go along with the recommendations of the CWPP.  Mark is still working on the plan and stated that the Association should continue the brush chipping, The CWPP has $7,500 in grant money available for working in “common areas” to reduce fire fuels.

c.      Special Resolution – Chandler Residence, 77 Whispering Pines Circle

A lengthy discussion followed on how the Covenants are an ‘agreement’ between and amongst the neighbors of the subdivision.  As a part of purchasing a home, or lot, in the subdivision the buyer is agreeing to abide by the covenants of the subdivision.  Mary Chandler has agreed to comply with the covenants and stated that she does not want to have extended parking past the 7 days as outlined in the covenants.  She will be sure that her contractors are not parking on the street.  (See ARTICLE 6: Dwelling Design and Construction Items, Section 8. Contractor Regulations. and Section 9. Construction Parking. )

Ron Cornelius stated it is clarified in the covenants what vehicles are allowed.  It was discussed as to what a ‘back up plan’ would be if violations should continue.  It is pretty clear in the covenants on what ‘steps or process’ to follow when it comes to enforcement of the covenants.  No special resolution was to be made.

d.      Updates on May Chipping service – Doc Ricketts completed the chipping for $4,025.  It was agreed that future participation should be monitored.

e.      Bruce Campbell Residence – An agreement was reached that Campbell will adhere to the Hornbaker Subdivision Covenants.  It still needs to be researched as to whether the drive is gravel or paved.  Is a second driveway allowed?  Board may have to consider an amendment to the Agreement to allow for the second driveway.

f.       City of Durango Water & Sewer Bills – It was reported that there is a new rate structure effective in July and will be retroactive to January 2015.

g.      Weed Spraying – A much better job was done this year.  The work that Hilton Schroder has been doing is starting payoff.  There are less evasive weeds this year.


a.      Accounts ReceivableMarsha had mailed out the list of unpaid dues to the Board prior to the meeting.  She will keep the Board informed as payments are made.

b.      Accounts Payable – A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the payables totaling $ 6,316.50.

c.      HOA Financials - Mark Stiles gave his financial report and reviewed the budget comparison to date.


a.      Direction for the ARC - Hal reviewed the ‘Directions and Guidelines’ for the ARC review. (See Attached).

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 12:30 PM.


   Catherine Gervais, Secretary


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