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Minutes - Annual Meeting - January 26, 2017

Timberline View Estates

January 26, 2017

Annual Meeting - Minutes

 Durango Recreation Center – Main Ave.


1.    The President, Bruce Moss, welcomed the Homeowners in attendance and requested that all homeowners please sign in for the meeting.  Marsha Moreland circulated the Sign-In Sheet.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.


2.    Determination of a quorum as of July, 11th 2011 revision to the Bylaws:

A quorum is deemed present throughout any meeting of the Association if Members entitled to cast twenty percent of the votes of the total membership are present, in person or by proxy at the beginning of the meeting – Therefore the required number to be present or represented by proxy is (18)

§  # of Homeowners in attendance: ­­­                                                  ____19_____

§  # of Proxies turned in prior to at meeting:                                   ____    17_____

§  Total Number Represented:                                                            ____36_____

§  Does a quorum exist?                                                                           Yes


3.    Do we have any Homeowners that will not have voting rights for this meeting due to not being current with their HOA dues?  Present / By proxy


4.    Bruce Moss reviewed Roberts Rules of Order for those present.


5.    Report of the Officers:


a.       President Report: Bruce Moss

1.       This was my last year as President of the Timberline HOA – It is time the Association brings in a new homeowner willing to take this responsibility.  With our business kicking into overdrive – it is taking a lot more of my time, time I do not have for the Homeowners Association any longer.

a.       Thanks to the Board & the AR Committee for their personal commitment over the last 4 years.

2.       Chipping service will continue twice a year in 2017 – We have scheduled the service for May 22rd, 2017 and October 16th, 2017.  Please do not put anything curbside once the chipping service has completed the work.  Homeowners may be asked to pay for the chipping service to come back and remove debris if left curbside after work is completed. Doc Rickets has been instructed NOT to dump chippings in any of the Association’s common area.  If homeowners want chips they can be dropped off in the homeowner’s yards / driveways.

3.       Annual Picnic was held in September 17th, 2016 and we had a great turnout.  With the feedback from our homeowners this is an event that the association wants to continue every year.

4.       We now have a calendar of events page on our website.


b.        Vice Presidents Report: Hal Felty

1.       Road Projects – The roads will be seal coated in the next few years.  Cracks were sealed in 2016 for $6,100.  Ron Cornelius felt the job could have been done a little better.  Some cracks did not seal.

2.       Culvert Work - Updated

3.       Highland Hill Drive drainage has caused some settling of the road due to the normal freezing and thawing.

4.       Annex Timberline Estates in the City – Bruce explained that he had met with Greg Hoch on what the possibilities are that the City would annex Timberline View Estates.  Greg told Hal there is no benefit to the City on taking over the water and sewer lines.   The City might require curb and sidewalks throughout the subdivision if annexed and the slope of the roads are not of interest to the City at this time. The Board emphasized that they are not promoting annexation only reporting back to the membership.


c.       Treasures Report:  Mark Stiles

1.       Review the Associations 2016 Financials – Fees were increased for resurfacing the roads from $560 to $900 per year.  The increase began with the 4th Qtr. 2016.  There was a savings on snow removal,  sweeping & stripping,

2.       The 2017 Timberline Estates Association Operating Budget was reviewed. – Mark Stiles pointed out the error in the Budget comparison with those present and clarified that it is the Board’s job to adopt the budget.  There is more budgeted for weeds since there will be a new contractor doing the weed control.  The Association thanks Hilton Schroeder for the great job he has done for the Association on weed control.

3.       Review the Capital Reserve Account for the Timberline Estates HOA – There was $38,000 transferred into the capital reserve in 2016.  To do the road improvements there should be about $800,000 in the reserve.  The remaining amount would be financed thru a loan for about 10 years.  The Board does not want to do any special assessment to pay for amount over the $800,000.


d.       Architectural Report: Susan Kleinfelter / Stephanie Strength 

a.       Overview of requests from homeowners in 2016.  Kristin Thomas asked Homeowners to refer to the ‘Improvement Application’ on the website.  Signs and house numbering was discussed by those present

b.       Consistent Numbering of all homes -.  Susan Reese does not want to see the sequence of the house numbers changed.  She already is having difficulty with people finding her address.  It is not the intention of the Board to ‘change anyone’s addresses,’ but just the markers for identification at of the residences.  It would be blue and white reflective numbers on posts for the house numbers.  The County would provide the numbers. 

c.       There was also discussion on putting solar lights ($20/ea.) for the street signs so the show up better at night.


e.       AR Committee: Vote on the slate for the ARC for 2017: (The elected slate will appoint their Chairperson)

·      Petra Hinke

·      Susan Kleinfelter

·      Stephanie Strength

·      Kristen Thomas

·      Katie Sturm

A motion was made and passes accepting the slate of individuals for the ARC.


6. Updates on Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP): Mark Stiles - The Plan is still incomplete but to have it completed this summer.   Songbird Subdivision has agreed to do a Wildfire Protection Plan as well.  There were two projects done this summer that were quite successful.  There will be more areas to work on this summer.  Petra Hinke asked if the neighborhood really want ‘fire mitigation’.  A discussion followed on putting the question to a vote.  Mark Stiles stated the Board of Directors must be pro-active rather than negligent.  No one, including the Board, is in favor of ‘clear cutting’.  Hal agreed the Homeowners should be polled on what the extent of mitigation should be done.  The areas mitigated are strategically picked for specific needs to deter fast moving fires.  Once mitigation is done there is periodic maintenance that needs to be done.


  Ron Cornelius would like to see tall grass cut along the streets.  It is a ‘fire hazard’.  The Board agreed that more needs to be done  with tall grass  along the roadways and yards.   Tom Hanna commented that clearing out brush from under the ponderosa pines is  critical.  Gary Ruggera said that things are ‘different’ and significant risks are major concerns.  Dan Ochocki said it is not ‘IF’ a fire  happens, it is ‘WHEN’.


7.    We have had a lot of Real Estate transactions for the subdivision in 2016 – Kim Coffman will gave an overview of real estate activity for the year for the subdivision.  There 5 homes that sold in 2016 vs. 10 in 2015.  Selling prices range in Timberline View Estates range from $600,000 - $800,000 at $210 per square foot.  There is a nice healthy market right now.


8.   The Slate for the Timberline Estates HOA Board of Directors for 2017:

  There were no nominations from the floor or interested homeowners which have expressed interest in running for any board position, other than what has been presented at this annual meeting.   A motion was made and passed to appoint the slate of Directors so listed.


·   Mark Stiles  

·   Katrina Roberts

·   Mo Wiener

·   Bruce Moss

·   Hal Felty


9.  A brief discussion followed on the Beetle infestation happening and Mark Stile assured those present that there will continue to be more.


10.  Adjourn meeting at 8:15 PM.


Katrina Roberts, Secretary



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