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Minutes - February 2016

Timberline HOA, Inc.

Regular Board Meeting -Thursday February 25th 2016 – 10:00am

1)      Minutes:

(a)     Board members present were:  Bruce Moss, Hal Felty, Catherine Gervais & Uwe Fricker. Mark Stiles was unavailable for this meeting.  The meeting was held at 2007 Main Avel, Suite B, at 10:00 am.

(b)    Minutes of the September 24th 2015 Board Meeting – Approved by BOD.

(c)     January 28th 2016 - Annual Meeting discuss any open items from the meeting.

2)      Business Items:           

(a)     Review any open pending items from the Annual Meeting of January 28th 2016

(i)      Appoint the Officers for the Association for 2016: Board members elected at the Annual meeting were as follows with their appointed positions at this meeting.

·        Bruce Moss – President

·        Hal Felty – Vice President

·        Catherine Gervais - Secretary

·        Mark Stiles – Treasurer

·        Susan Klinefelter – ARC Chairman

(ii)     Board approved the annual operating budget for 2016.

(iii)    Discussed the 2016 summer family bar-b-que for the subdivision and will send out a newsletter asking for volunteers to help out.  

(iv)    Board approved the nominated slate for the ARC Committee for 2016 from the Annual Meeting:

1.       Uwe Fricker was appointed the Chairman of the Committee

2.       Stephanie Strength

3.       Valerie Gallagher

4.       Kristen Thomas

5.       Susan Klinefelter

(b)    Road Maintenance:

(i)      Schedule sweeping of the roads for April 11th and 12th.  Catherine will post the dates in Spring Newsletter.

(ii)     Schedule restriping for 2016

(iii)    The Board had a discussion on the plan for funding the replacement of our roads with raising dues.   More discussion at next quarterly meeting on what the increase will be.

(iv)    Highland Hill Dr. – The Board will Amy Fisher has told the Board that even though the road does not seem to be settling any more she is having drainage issues from the situation.  The Board will discuss options and further action at the next quarterly meeting.

(c)     CWPP Updates:  (Mark Stiles was unavailable for this meeting)

(i)      Website updates related to the CWPP Tab – Marsha will do updates when available.

(ii)     Discuss common area space and the Boards criteria for possible mitigation requests - Tabled

(iii)    Updates on the proposed numbering of homes in the subdivision - Tabled

(d)    Updates on the “Spring” Timberline Newsletter to our homeowners

(i)      Brush Cutting & Chipping dates of pick up – May 23rd 2016 & October 17th 2016

(ii)     Suggested items to cover in Newsletter were:  brush chipping dates, restriping of roads, Association Family bar-b-que, speed limit, control dogs while walking thru the subdivision and the HOA can offer Credit Card payments now.

(iii)    Upcoming Project this Spring around your home – Call our ARC

(iv)    Website Updates happen on a regular basis

(e)    Annexation of Timberline Estates with the city of Durango is being explored by the Board.  Hal will set up a meeting with the City, Bruce Moss and himself to explore the options available.

(f)     Townhomes in Subdivision – Bruce explained that it is not clear what the requirements are within the agreement between the Association and the townhomes on painting of exteriors, driveway replacement / snow removal.  There is NO organization in place for the four homes involved.


3)      Administration:

(a)     Accounts Receivable – Homeowners past due listing was e-mailed to the Board prior to the meeting.

(b)    Accounts Payable – Review Payables

(c)     Accepting credit cards for dues payment now.  Call Marsha to get set up.

(d)    Website Updates – Any?

(e)    Weed Spraying – Hilton Schroder will do the spaying of weeds again this year.


4)      Architectural Review Committee Updates

(a)     Susan Klinefelter reviewed updates with the Board. 

5)      Other Business:  None

6)      Adjourn the meeting at 11:15 am.

Catherine Gervais, Secretary

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