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Minutes - February 28, 2017

Timberline View Estates
MINUTES –February 28, 2017
Regular Board Meeting – 10:00am
2007 n Ave., Ste.B

Present for the February meeting of the Board were:   Mark Stiles, Hal Felty, Bruce Moss, and Katrina Roberts - Board members.  Also present was Petra Hinke, ARC Chairman and Marsha Moreland.  The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am.

1. The minutes of the October 21st, 2016 Board meeting and January 26th, 2017 Annual meeting were approved as submitted.

2. Business Items:
(a) The following officers were elected:
                   Mark Stiles – President
                   Hal Felty – Vice President
                   Bruce Moss – Treasurer
                   Katrina Roberts – Secretary
                   Maureen Wiener – Ex Officio
(b)  A motion was made and passed to approve the 2017 Budget with the following modifications:
          i. A motion was made to fund the Road Reserve by $8,000 quarterly
          ii. Add to Administration $25/pkt. for new owners
(c) The Board discussed plotting a course for 2017.   Post regular board meetings in 1st week of February, May, September and December.
(d) Items that needed further discussion from the Annual meeting were:
          i. Consider a speed measuring device & flashing 35 mph sign.
          ii. Get the ‘turning lane’ back.
          iii. Neighborhood Watch – Post signs and talk with the Sheriff on what the process is.
(e) Road maintenance was discussed and Hal Felty will get bids on sweeping and crack filling.  He will also check the spot at Wiener’s to see if a larger culvert would solve the problem.
(f) CWPP Updates:
          i.  Dan Ochocki will be assisting Mark with the CWPP work.  2017 may not offer much money for grants.  Just have to wait and see.
          ii. HOA Volunteer Day discussed.  Possible interests are:  painting fire hydrants, clearing brush before scheduled chipping dates.
          iii. Hal feels that the house numbering should be done by the Board and consistently for everyone w/brown sign with reflective numbers.  The Board will contract the work out.  Mark and Dan will work on bids and present it to the Board.  It will be included in the 2018 budget.
(g)  Neighborhood Watch – discussed in (d) iii.
(h) Homeowners summer picnic – to be determined thru a poll on the date (Sept), time & place
(i) Annexation of Timberline Estates – Nothing more to talk about at this time
(j) RFP – Fuels reduction plan for 2017 minimal
(k) Neighborhood signage – repaint the existing entrance sign.

  3.  Administration:
(a)  Accounts Receivable - Board will go into Executive Session if attendance by anyone other than the BOD.  Process for when a lien is begun.   The Board is to adopt a policy on filing liens.   Intent to file a lien first to be done by Marsha: 
           i.  Letter to go out at 2 quarters delinquent
           ii. Notice of Intent to file a Lien at 3 quarters in arrears
(b) Accounts Payable – Approved payables submitted by Marsha
(c) Website updates – done regularly, nothing additional
(d) Weed spraying/landscape maintenance – Mowing and landscaping along the roadside needs to be contracted out.  Hal will find someone to do the job.  Don Webster is interested in taking on the weed spraying.  Hal & Mark will speak with Don Webster.

  4.  Architectural Review Committee Updates:  Petra Hinke, Chairman
(a)  ARC will coordinate with the BOD quarterly on any new construction.  There are 2 lots that need development by Hal.  It is understood by the ARC, chairman that NO cuts are to be approved in the roadway without consulting the Board of Directors first.
(b) Petra Hinke’s handout was reviewed with the BOD.  There should be a ‘standard’ guideline on fencing and following the Covenant’s guidelines.  All fences must be approved before constructed.   All requests must be on the website form for new construction.  Marsha will contact Petra with new owner’s names. 

5.  There being no new business the meeting was adjourned at 11:56 am.

      Katrina Roberts, Secretary


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