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Minutes - July 7,2016

Timberline HOA, Inc.

Regular Board Meeting Minutes - Thursday July 7th, 2016 

1)      Minutes:

(a)    Minutes of the February 25th 2015 Board Meeting – Reviewed and revised.  Marsha will have the revised minutes for approval at the October meeting.

(b)    Present for the meeting were: Bruce Moss - Pres., Hal Felty – Vice Pres., Mark Stiles - Treasurer, Catherine Gervais - Secretary and Susan Klinefelter – ARC Chairman.  Also present were the following  Homeowners:  John Taylor, Mike Zariske, Ron Campbell, Michael Uhes and Susan Merrill. The meeting was held at 2007 Main Ave., Suite B, Durango at 10:00 am.

2)      Business Items:   The meeting was re-scheduled to allow for ample notice to the members.        

(a)    Annual Meeting: Any open items still remaining open from the Annual Meeting - NONE

(b)    Road Maintenance:

(i)      Plan for funding the replacement of our roads.  The Board discussed at length the options to consider for funding the roads over time. 

·        Increase fees to $1200/yr. to pay for work in 10 years.

·        Slurry the roads now and increase dues to $800/yr for 10 years and another increase after that for 10 years.


A motion was made, moved and passed increasing dues to $900/yr. effective with July at $225/quarter.   Catherine Gervais opposed the motion and voted to increase the dues to $821/yr.


(ii)    The area of road on Highland Hill Drive that has sunk for 150 yards does not show any additional sinking happening.  Amy Fisher’s complaint about drainage issues to her property due to the sinking road are prompting the Board to consult an Engineer to answer the following questions:

·        Should the road be redesigned w/new specs and rebuilt?

·        What are the options for the drainage problems on Highland Hill.

·        Access whether the road damage caused concentrated & accelerated drainage do to road failure.  Gabions are not working to divert the water.

·        Should it be repaired now?

·        What are the options for re-surfacing the road?

·        Re-crowning Highland Hill will cost $12,000.


A motion was made, moved and passed to hire an Engineer to recommend how to fix the drainage issues on Highland Hill Drive and to access whether the road damage is causing concentrated and accelerated drainage towards Fisher’s lot due to road failure.


(c)     CWPP Updates:  

(i)      Website updates related to the CWPP Tab

(ii)    Fire Mitigation – To do the three Common Areas the bids received were:  Woodchuck at $4,200,  Klatt & Sons at $5,000 and Fire Smart at $10,368.  Mark Stiles recommended Danny Klatt & Sons to do the mitigation work for the Board.  He said  Danny looks at it with a fire perspective.  Mark met with 6 homeowners and will be flagging pines that need to be removed.  Klatt & Sons will have a 3 man crew w/chainsaws and it will take  2 days between the hours of 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.  Hal Felty objects to removal of trees in the common space and said that it is against what the Covenants direct.  He wants to protect the reason why people bought into the neighborhood and the property values of the subdivision.  Mark reported that ‘lack of action’ puts the people and the neighborhood at risk.  The Grant with CWPP this year is 50-50 or a total of $5,000.  The Board has budgeted $4000 for fire mitigation.

(iii)   Updates on the proposed numbering of homes in the subdivision was tabled until October.

(d)    Neighborhood Watch – With the recent incidents – Homeowners have asked if a Neighbood Watch should be considered.  Bruce will more information for the October meeting.

(e)    Homeowners’ summer picnic will be held after Labor Day and will be a pot luck.  Catherine volunteered to organize the picnic.

(f)     Annexation of Timberline Estates with the city of Durango meeting is being organized with Greg Hoch, Bruce and Hal.

3)      Administration:

(a)    Accounts Receivable – Homeowners past due totaled $2,118.

(b)    Accounts Payable – Were reviewed and totaled $3,122.   Board approved the payables.

(c)     Mark Stiles, Treasurer, gave his Financial Report to the Board along with an updated budget.

(d)    Accepting credit cards for dues payment is now all set up and ready to go.  There have been 6 who have signed up to date.

(e)    Website Updates – None.

(f)     Weed Spraying – Hilton Schroder cannot due the weed spraying due to health issues.  The Board will approach Don Webster on spraying.  Green Acres will mow 8 feet in from the roads.

4)      Architectural Review Committee Updates

(a)    Sue Klinefelter stated the primary guidelines for the ARC are the Covenants.  Items addressed this quarter were:

·        Major die out of aspens due to disease.

·        Concern about dandelions as noxious weeds.  They are not noxious weeds but the next newsletter should address neighbors either spraying them or cutting them.

·        Mowing needs to be done along Timberline.

·        Fences must be short and any split rail fences have been grandfathered.

(b)     Uwe Fricker has removed himself from the ARC due to a lack of time to adequately available.  Susan Klinefelter and the Board suggested having Katie Sturm fill his vacancy as she expressed and interest at the Annual Meeting.

A motion was made, moved and passed appointing Katie Sturm to the ARC.                    

5)      Other Business:

                       The Board went into Executive Session at 12:04 pm to discuss Delinquent Accounts Receivable.

                       The Board was out of Executive Session at 12:20 pm.

6)      Adjourn the meeting at 12:25 pm.



Catherine Gervais, Secretary


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