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Minutes - October 21, 2016

Regular Quarterly Board Meeting:

MINUTES for Friday October 21st 2016 – 10:00am

Gateway Reservations,

2007 Main Ave., Suite B


1)            Minutes:

               (a)  A motion was made and passed to approved the Minutes of the July 7th and February 25, 2016 Board Meeting as submitted.  Present at the meeting were the following board members:    Bruce Moss, Mark Stiles, Hal Felty, and Catherine Gervais.  Susan Klinefelter, ARC Chairman and     Ron Cornelius, Homeowner, also attended the meeting.

2)            Business Items:

               a.            Annual Meeting: Date of the 2016 Annual Meeting: January 26th 2017 (Thursday Evening) start at 7:00pm: Location: Durango Rec Center

               b.            Road Maintenance:

                              i.             Crack Seal – Scheduled for October 26th depending on the weather. Cost is  $6,115.50.

                              ii             A time needs to be set to slurry seal the roads but should be put off until 2018.   At that time the cost should run around $100,000 and no chips are to be laid down.

                              iii.           Shaila Van Sickle has a bad icy area in front of her mail box on the roadway.  Mark will go by and take a look at it.

                              iv.           Highland Hill water drainage was assessed by Goff Engineering.  They said it is an issue, but that the HOA has done all they can.  The condition of the road does  NOT pose a problem for the homeowner.  Goff said that Fishers need to divert the water further down from where it is now on their property.  Bruce will do a  cover letter and include a copy of the Goff Engineering report and send it to Amy Fisher.

                              v.            Ron Cornelius mentioned there is no apron at the entrance of Timberline on Florida Road.  The Board should request from the County to extend their culvert on the east side of the entrance.

               c.            CWPP Updates:

                              i.             Website updates related to the CWPP Tab have been done.  The Grant application went out to all the homeowners for their individual use.  The  Association was reimbursed $4,000 on fire mitigation for 2016.

                              ii.            Discuss common area space and the Boards criteria for possible mitigation requests.  The next area for mitigation should be between Gervais and Moss’s.   It is the band of common area there.  Mark would like to see an HOA Volunteer                                                         cleanup day to rake the common areas before the next chipping date next year.                                    

                              iii.           Updates on the proposed numbering of homes in the subdivision should be discussed at the Annual Meeting.

               d.            Neighborhood Watch – With the recent incidents – Homeowners have asked if a  Neighborhood Watch should be considered. Incidents have been a stolen car, removed  mail being removed from mailboxes etc.  This will be a topic for discussion at the Annual  Meeting.

               e.            Homeowners summer picnic:  Great Turnout / Great weather – Most Homeowners that came expressed that they would like to see this as an annual event.

               f.            Annexation of Timberline Estates: Hal gave updates after the meeting he had with Greg Hoch with the City.  The City is not seeing a benefit for them.  Not interested.

               g.            RFP – Fuels reduction – Mark Stiles update

               h.            Neighborhood Signage – Susan Klinefelter reported that the blue with silver numbers are provided by the County.  She would like to see brown substrate but that would cost  the HOA extra, plus the posts and installation.  The numbers must be 3 to 3 ½” tall with reflective paint for the County emergency vehicles to locate quickly in emergency situations.  Options for the homeowners are: on a post at the driveway, on the house or on the mailbox.  The Board does feel the color and size should be consistent throughout the subdivision and should be located in the road easement.  This is also a topic for discussion at the Annual meeting and included in the 2017 budget.


                              Catherine Gervais feels the entrance sign on the left of the Timberline entrance needs updating.  She will work on getting bids and design ideas.

3)            Administration:

               a)            Accounts Receivable – Homeowners past due was sent to the board prior to the meeting.

               b)            Accounts Payable – Review Payables

               c)            Website Updates – Any?

               d)            Weed Spraying – With Hilton Schroder not able to do the spraying – we need to find  someone else to do the weed control. Mark will approach Don Webster to see if he is interested and if so what that would run the Association.

               e)            Mark gave a brief update on the financial report for the Association.  He feels there should be around $8,000 to sweep into the capital reserve fund.

               f)            There is now a Calendar of Events on the website.  Marsha will update it as events are scheduled.


4)            Architectural Review Committee Updates:  Sue Klinefelter

               (a)          Review any updates:

·        24 Eagle Ridge Construction and 87 Timberline additions are moving along.

·        162 Timberline drive way – nothing happening yet, plans must be submitted before beginning construction.   Bruce will send out an email reminding them.

·        368 Highland Hill needs paint badly.  Bruce will speak with the homeowner.

·        Dead aspens must be removed and set at the curbside for chipping.  There is a lot of kill due to the virus in the subdivision according to Woodchuck Dan.

·        Fence should be removed or fixed at 70 Highland Place.  Bruce will send a letter to the homeowner.

               (b)          Review request form and procedures for the same

               (c)           Fences in the neighborhood – Define what is allowed what is not allowed

               (d)          The Board of Directors is to enforce the ARC guidelines after the ARC recommends and reports to the Board on concerns of new construction.  It was agreed to put the application on the website for homeowners to access easily for renovations or new construction plans.


5)            Other Business:

               (a)          Executive Session

6)            Adjourned at 12:00.

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