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September 24, 2015


QUARTERLY MEETING - September 24, 2015

The Board of Directors of the Timberline HOA, Inc. held their fourth quarterly meeting of the Board on September 24, 2015 at 11:00 AM, at 2007 Main Ave., Suite in Durango, Colorado.  Board members present were:                                           

Bruce Moss– President

Hal Felty – Vice President

Mark Stiles - Treasurer

Catherine Gervais – Secretary

Uwe Fricker – Chairman of ARC

Also attending the meeting were Hilton Schroeder and Ron Cornelius – Homeowners and Marsha Moreland - Executive Secretary.  The meeting was called to order at 11:00 AM by the President.



A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the June 25, 2015 regular meeting as written.



a.       Road maintenance – (1) Dirt Bandits Sweeping did a good job, however there was a little problem with communication but otherwise a good job.  Cost was $4600 to seal the cracks in the roads.

  (2) Fisher’s residence does not seem to have any more drainage problems since the rip-rap baskets were place down.  Hal agreed to check the culverts up and down Timberline to be sure there are no other areas of concern.


b.       October 19th – Chipping Service -  An e-mail will be sent out to all the residents reminding them and that AFTER the 19th NOTHING is to be put at the curbside of their lot.


c.      CWPP Updates–(1) There was $1500 applied for in grant money this year and should be received before the end of the year. 25 people had applied for the grant money in 2015.  (2)  Rhor’s property needs to have some fire mitigation done on it.  (3)  The tab for ‘Fire Mitigation’ has been updated on the web site. (4) La Plata Open Space will be doing some mitigation near the south end of the subdivision.  (5) A discussion on mitigation of the open space in the subdivision took place regarding the ‘pros’ of doing mitigation and the ‘cons’ of doing nothing.  Once mitigation is done, it will need to be maintained over the years.  It can be a rather large expense to do and it can also change the nature of the neighborhood from when people purchased the property. The idea is to clear out the ‘lighter’ fuels such as needles, dry leaves, etc.  (6)  The CWPP is working on an Action Plan for contacting the disables and elderly in case of fire.  There is concern that there needs to be another access road out of the neighborhood in case of an ‘evacuation’ for fire concerns.  (7)  House numbers are still needed but nothing further to report at this time.


A motion was made, moved and passed to move forward with developing specifications to mitigate large ponderosas in the common area.  It would involve cleaning up underneath the trees and ‘limbing up’ smaller branches that would be fuel in case of fire.  Mark will have a bid to do that work for the Annual Meeting that will be separate of the CWPP.


d.      Bruce Campbell Residence – Most of the toys have been moved and the lot is looking better.  Campbell agreed to move the boat off the property before winter.  The realtor, Wells Group, needs to be reminded of the agreement that the Campbells are bound by with the Timberline HOA.


e.      City of Durango Water & Sewer Bills – The City did give credits to all homeowners, but the Board still needs to discuss the possibility of annexation with the membership at the annual meeting.


f.       Weed Spraying – Hilton Schroeder is doing a good job on the weed spraying.  Less money was spent this year so the weeds are being controlled somewhat.


g.      Paved Driveways - There are a few property owners with pebble parking areas.  The Covenants state that all parking areas will be concrete or asphalt construction.  Perhaps the Covenants need to be revisited.





a.      Accounts ReceivableMarsha had mailed out the list of unpaid dues to the Board prior to the meeting.  She will keep the Board informed as payments are made.


b.      Accounts Payable –There were none.


c.      HOA Financials - Mark Stiles gave his financial report and reviewed the budget comparison to date.  It looks good and has a ‘positive’ cash flow.  Snow removal will probably go over budget this year.


On September 9th the ARC met and had a positive meeting discussing guidelines for the ARC in their decision making regarding construction projects for review.  Some of those guidelines are:  (1) There should be a timeline for the Committee to approve projects.  Agreed upon one week for responding and then the committee are to act.  Katie Sturm is Uwe’s proxy and will use a ‘Decision’ form.  (2)  There will be a welcome committee with Covenants for new property owners.  (3)  Follow ups are required on projects approved.  The Board agreed that the ARC is doing a good job and it is important to have the ARC.  Ron Cornelius state that there still needs to be a 25 MPH speed limit sign at the entrance of the subdivision.



It was agreed that the next newsletter needs to inform residents of the 25 MPH speed limit.


   There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 12:45 PM.


   Catherine Gervais, Secretary







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