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Timberline HOA News and Updates

Homeowner Notices:

January 25, 2018 
Annual Homeowners Meeting

Durango Recreation Center - Durango


Timberline View Estates
January 25th, 2018 – Annual Homeowners Meeting – 7:00pm
Durango Recreation Center – Main Ave.

1. Welcome Homeowners and request all homeowners please sign in for the meeting:

2. Determination of a quorum as of July, 11th 2011 revision to the Bylaws:

A quorum is deemed present throughout any meeting of the Association if Members entitled to cast twenty percent of the votes of the total membership are present, in person or by proxy at the beginning of the meeting – Therefore the required number to be present or represented by proxy is (18)
 # of Homeowners in attendance: ¬¬¬   ____________
 # of Proxies turned in prior to at meeting:  ____________
 Total Number Represented:   ____________
 Does a quorum exist?         Yes / No

3. Do we have any Homeowners that will not have voting rights for this meeting due to not being current with their HOA dues?  Present / By proxy.

4. Review Roberts Rules of Order:

5. Approve last year’s Annual Meeting minutes:

6. Report of the Officers:

a. President Report: Mark Stiles
    1. Chipping service will continue twice a year in 2018 – We have scheduled the service for May 21st, 2018 and October 22nd, 2018 with Doc Ricketts, Tree Service.  Please do not put anything curbside once the chipping service has completed the work.  Homeowners may be asked to pay for the chipping service to come back and remove debris if left curbside after work is completed. Doc Rickets has been instructed NOT to dump chippings in any of the Association’s common area.  If homeowners want chips they can be dropped off in the homeowner’s yards / driveways.
    2. Set date for the September Picnic.
    3. Update on the construction by Ted Turner on the lot next to the Campbell’s lot
    4. Covenants and enforcement

b.  Vice Presidents Report: Hal Felty
   1. Road Projects – Updates
   2. Landscaping and weeds -- Updates

c. Treasurer’s Report:  Bruce Moss
   1. Review the Associations 2017 Financials
   2. Review the 2018 Timberline Estates Association Operating Budget.
   3. Review the Capital Reserve Account for the Timberline Estates HOA

d. Architectural Review Committee’s Report: Petra Hinke
   a. Overview of requests from homeowners in 2017

e. AR Committee: Vote on the slate for the ARC for 2018: (The elected slate will appoint their Chairperson)
Nominations from the floor.
• Petra Hinke
• Susan Kleinfelter
• Stephanie Strength
• Kristen Thomas
• Katie Sturm

7. Updates on Wildfire Mitigation: Mark Stiles

8. Real Estate transactions for the subdivision in 2017 – Kim Coffman (number of transactions, average sales price w/comparison of market price over last year, number of homes on the market)

9. Review / Vote on the nominees for the Timberline Estates HOA Board of Directors for 2018:

Do we have any nominations from the floor or interested homeowners which have expressed interest in running for any board position, other than what has been presented at this annual meeting?

• Mark Stiles
• Katrina Roberts
• Hal Felty
• Bruce Moss
• Bob Zahradnik

7.   Adjourn meeting




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