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Timberline HOA News and Updates

March 8, 2018 
Regular Board Meeting

48 C.R. 250, Suite #8 - Ptarmigan II Building
Gateway Reservations 

Timberline HOA, Inc.
P.O. Box 668
Bayfield, CO 81122
Regular Board Meeting:
Thursday, March 8, 2018 – 10:00am
Gateway Reservations,
48 C.R. 250, Suite #8
Ptarmigan II Building

1) Minutes (Review, discuss and approve):
     a. June 9, 2017 Board Meeting
     b. August 1, 2017 Executive Session

2) Business Items:
a. Welcome new Board members
          i.  brief introduction to Board role, ARC role, procedures, meetings, common issues
     b. Adoption of 2018 Budget
     c. Board Membership
          i. official HOA Member vote tally
         ii.  selection of officers
        iii. ARC membership and chair
     d. Plot a course for 2018
         i.   Board meeting schedule
         ii.  Neighborhood Picnic (date, place, time) – September 11 or 12?
        iii. Newsletter:  Chipping on May 28th and October 22, 2018. 
                              Neighborhood Picnic date, time & place
                              List of Directors/positions
     e. Road Maintenance
        i.  Seal Coating - How we will decide if/when needed?
       ii.  Trees overhanging roads
       iii.  Other road maintenance need
     f. Neighborhood Signage 
        i.  Update entrance sign on L side of Timberline?
        ii. Lighting?
     g. Neighborhood volunteer day?

3) Administration:
a. Accounts Receivable – Delinquent accounts. (May require executive session)
     b. Accounts Payable – Review Payables
     c. Website Updates – Any?
     d. Weed Spraying/Landscape Maintenance – Don Webster?

4) Architectural Review Committee Updates
      a. Review any updates:  Ted Turners Lot F next to Bruce Campbell – HOA Fees?  Vehicles ?
      b. New construction
      c. Other?

5) Other Business:
6) Adjourn





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